Virat Kohli


Virat Kohli has signed an electrifying brand endorsement contracts which includes renowned merchandise including Godrej Consumer Product and Nestle India’s Munich.

He is called as Mr Dependable for the Indian squad, his bond with the adolescence; women and families have placed Virat Kohli as a dependable and trust worthy ambassador for more than dozen trademarks. Virat Kohli is one of the sophisticated trendy batsmen. Virat Kohli is right handed bats man who is now known to have merged into the segment of brand authorization of 100 crore along with the chief M S Dhoni and god of cricket Sachin Tendulkar.

Twenty four young Virat Kohli on ground consistency has facilitated him in expanding his presence charges to more than three Cr merged along with the 15 plus other brands that Virat Kohli authorize Business experts articulate that Kohlis’s yearly income have cross over Rs 100 Cr mark in the beginning of the year 2013.

Freshly Virat Kohli have signed an exciting brand endorsement contracts which includes the Deodarant of Cinthol, A renowned merchandise of Godrej Consumer product and Nestle India’s Munich.

Godrej Consumer Vice President Sunit Kataria spoke – We selected Virat for his young appearance and brave spirit. Now Currently Virat is known to be a youth image, he symbolizes the essence and represent as a model for our well-known merchandise Cinthol. Counting on Virat Kohlis admiration, Nestle India has produced an advertisement campaign presenting Virat Kohli. Stating on Nestle India’s fresh ad campaign, CCO – Chief Creative officer Mr Bobby Pawar, JWT said – After strong analysis at JWT india, we came to a conclusion of having Kohli perform a very boring duplicate of his called Balakrishnan Vaali. And this has worked great for the merchandise.

At a point, Godrej Consumer Product Ltd has reintroduced its brand Cinthol Deo and has make over its communication plan with the new brand icon on the board. Currently Virat Kohli’s yearly brand endorsement charges starts from 3.5 cr to 5 cr. With his another endorsement contract his yearly fees have almost climbed three times in the span of two years. It is probable to climb further this year as analysed by an industry expert of Mumbai.

Virat Kohlis current collection has over ten brands which include Titan Fastrack, PepsiCo, Arvinds Flying Machine, Fair & Lovely, Celkon Mobiles, Nike, Toyota and TVS Motors.

Kohli has Endorsements with the following Brands:

  • PepsiCo

  • Nike

  • TVS Motors

  • Fastrack (from Titan)

  • Royal Challenge (from United Spirits)

  • SangamSuitings

  • Fair and Lovely

  • Herbalife

  • Flying Machine

  • 3C Company (a real estate player)

  • Red Chief Shoes

  • Boost

  • Toyota Motors

  • Celkon Mobiles

  • Cinthol (from Godrej)

  • Munch (from Nestle)

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The Indian international cricket player Virat Kohli was born on

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It is not much known about the personal life of the cricketer.

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It is well-known fact that the relationship or love affair between the Indian

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Virat is said to be a stylish Indian cricketer. His looks are always in news

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