Virat Kohli


Virat Kohli home is in Delhi which is the capital city of the country. He belongs to a typical Punjabi family. His life style is of typical Punjabi family who likes to live in a big house and in a grand manner. Virat Kohli house is design beautifully with good interiors. His mother entertains the guest with different Punjabi dishes whenever they visit their home. Though Virat Kohli is not fond of cooking we can see his pictures of helping his mother in the kitchen. He had a beagle and is very fond of his dog. As we are aware that houses in Delhi are big and spacious, so is the Virat Kohli home. Virat Kohli house is stylishly done with good interiors. Whenever he is back from abroad participated in the cricket tournament he rushes Delhi to his house. The photographs of Virat Kohli are available online showing the lavish lifestyle of the cricketer. Virat likes staying in his home spending time with his family and playing with his dear dog. It is said that Home is where your heart is and it is much aware that Virat Kohli loves his house and misses it on his long tiresome cricket tour.

Virat Kohli Biography

The Indian international cricket player Virat Kohli was born on

Virat Kohli Family

It is not much known about the personal life of the cricketer.

Virat Kohli Affairs

It is well-known fact that the relationship or love affair between the Indian

Virat Kohli Tattoos

Virat is said to be a stylish Indian cricketer. His looks are always in news

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