Virat Kohli


Virat is said to be a stylish Indian cricketer. His looks are always in news. Virat Kohli hairstyle and way of dressing is mostly in news and observed carefully by the media. On his left arm shoulder there is tattoo of a Japanese samurai warrior with a sword raised. He always looks confident about his look and an ambitious player who work hard to perform well. He has clarity of thoughts and always keeps his emotions under control. Once known as a cheeky and troublesome child, he has become mature.  He said that now he has started realizing that every opportunity is very important as the next one or the former one. Virat Kohli tattoo gave him a wild and heady image. His good looks and attitude is very popular among his fans both internationally and within the country. He is said to be have the hottest tattoo in the world of spot. Virat grabbed many advertisement offers for the well known brand. He attended a press conference in a sleeveless shirt displaying his tattoo on the left hand shoulder. The Japanese tattoo shows his confidence level both in his personal and professional life. Virat Kohli tattoo which is of a Japanese samurai warrior is very popular and in great demand as it is considered as the best tattoo in the year 2010-2011. The ancient image of the samurai warrior reflects interesting and brilliant personality of an individual. Virat Kohli has large female fans and his photographs and wallpaper are in huge demand. He is offered many modeling assignments and opportunity to work in television commercials due to his good looks and handsome personality.

Virat Kohli Biography

The Indian international cricket player Virat Kohli was born on

Virat Kohli Family

It is not much known about the personal life of the cricketer.

Virat Kohli Affairs

It is well-known fact that the relationship or love affair between the Indian

Virat Kohli Tattoos

Virat is said to be a stylish Indian cricketer. His looks are always in news

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